WP10: Demonstration activities

The main objective of WP10 will be the evaluation and demonstration of the effectiveness of innovative and existing harvesting and processing systems until realisation of end products.

Specific objective will be:

  • Evaluation and demonstration of existing harvesting and processing systems to determine the effect of mechanisation on raw material quality on existing and improved hemp genotypes;
  • Development and demonstration of an innovative systems for harvesting high quality seeds and recover threshing residues;
  • Set up of demonstrative fields for seed oil extraction for cosmetic applications and for scaling up of essential oil extraction using steam distillation;
  • Evaluation and demonstration of innovative processing systems (i.e. wet line);
  • Verification and assessment of fibre for construction and insulation material at demonstration scale.

Contact: Dr. Hans-Jörg Gusovius, E-Mail: hjgusovius@atb-potsdam.de, DI Carsten Lühr, E-Mail: cluehr@atb-potsdam.de