WP4: Harvesting and processing

The main objective of WP4 will be the evaluation of the effectiveness of innovative and existing harvesting and processing systems. Developed innovative technologies will allow to optimize the production of hemp raw materials and to understand the effect of mechanisation on the determination of yield and quality of hemp raw materials.
Specific objective will therefore be:

  • Development of an innovative systems for harvesting high quality seeds and recover threshing residues;
  • Evaluation and adaptation of an innovative bio-degumming system;
  • Evaluation of innovative processing systems (i.e. wet line);
  • Design and development of a new (semi) automated methodology and equipment for sample preparation and fibre extraction to objectively determine main quality characteristics of hemp fibre

The following partners are involved in this WP:

  • Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim (WP Leader)
    Contact: Dr. Hans-Jörg Gusovius, E-Mail: hjgusovius@atb-potsdam.de, DI Carsten Lühr, E-Mail: cluehr@atb-potsdam.de
  • Hochschule Bremen – University of Applied Sciences/ Dept. for BIOMIMETICS
  • Aalto University
  • CRA-CIN, Research center for industrial crops