WP5: End use applications for hemp raw material

The main objective of WP5 is the evaluation of the suitability of raw material obtained from the hemp biorefinery to industrial processing. Industrial partners involved in WP5 will provide indications on quality traits to be modified according to specific end use destination and will therefore demonstrate the effect that cultivation and use of selected and improved genotype has on final product characteristics.

Industrial partners will provide technical information to produce a comprehensive list of quality traits with a range of optimal values that hemp raw materials must have for specific end use destination. This will contribute to the realisation of a grading system.

Fibre from longitudinal and disordered system will be used to produce biobased composites, insulation and building materials. Oil from the seeds will be evaluated for the production of cosmetics.

Hemp is grown for its primary products namely the oil and fibre and shive, but we propose to develop this

plant as a dedicated biorefinery crop from which every part is used to generate value. Secondary metabolites such as essential oils are not currently recovered but could add value in a whole crop processing scenario. Other metabolites such as waxes, and phytosterol could be extracted from fibre processing wastes. We will optimise the extraction of these secondary metabolites and scale up production for commercial trials. Hemp fibre processing are mostly lignocellulosic and have a potential to be transformed into simple sugars and fermented to produce bioethanol.

Partners involved in this WP:

    Contact: Rosa de la Torre, E-Mail: rdelatorre@ctaex.com, Ascensión Ciruelos, E-Mail: aciruelos@ctaex.com, website
  • Hochschule Bremen – University of Applied Sciences/ Dept. for BIOMIMETICS
  • University of York
  • Montažna gradnja Tadej Zimic s.p.
  • CMF Technology SpA
  • KU Leuven, Dept. MTM
  • Ventimola GmbH & Co. Dämmtechnik KG