WP6: Quality integration

Within this work package there is the need to gather all the partners and relative knowledge and analytical capacity to carry out fibre quality analysis on the samples generated in WP1-WP3.

There are to be mentioned two main topics of this work package:

(i) Integrate quality along production chains and

(ii) Evaluate quality of raw material and end uses.

In general, testing of natural fibres is very time consuming because of the scattering values. Based on this knowledge we need to develop a faster evaluation method to measure properties like dislocations, length, fineness and strength on the level of the single plant cell.

The quality assessment for the end use will be focused on the main product properties, which means for the insulation properties fibre fineness, fibre length and fibre stiffness on the fibre level and testing of the mechanical and thermal properties of the flock on the product level. For the composites three levels are to be mentioned (i) fibre, (ii) fibre/matrix interaction and (iii) composite product.

Partners involved in this WP:

  • Hochschule Bremen – University of Applied Sciences / Faculty 5 / BIOMIMETICS
    Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Müssig, E-Mail: jmuessig@bionik.hs-bremen.de
  • KU Leuven, Dept MTM
  • Aalto University – Department of Forest Products Technology